Thursday, February 14, 2019


IFCSS Statement: We Condemn Chinese Students Who Harassed Uyghurs and Tibetans

February 14, 2019

The Independent Federation of Chinese Students and Scholars in USA (IFCSS) is deeply concerned about some recent incidents at Duke University (United States), University College Dublin (Ireland), McMaster University (Canada), the University of Toronto (Canada), the University of Strasbourg (France) and in an Amsterdam square (the Netherlands), in which apparently organized pro-CCP (Chinese Communist Party) students harassed, abused and threatened Uyghur and Tibetan students, concerned scholars and activists. We strongly denounce these Chinese students’ efforts to stymie free speech and suppress the truth about the ongoing genocidal crimes committed by China's murderous regime. We ask US, Irish, Canadian, French and Dutch authorities to protect Uyghur and Tibetan students and scholars from intimidation on campus and guard their citizens of Uyghur and Tibetan backgrounds against foreign threats at home. We also urge relevant law enforcement agencies to look into possible criminal violations in these incidents and investigate any Chinese government ties that may have manipulated some Chinese student organizations into such violations.


Drafted by IFCSS Council (Council member Wenhe Lu opposes this statement).
Co-signed by:
Perry Link (林培瑞, Professor Emeritus, Princeton University, United States)
Paul Mooney (慕亦仁, Journalist, Reuters, United States)
Henry Leperlier (罗维文, Lecturer, Dublín Institute of Technology, Ireland)
Fengsuo Zhou (周锋锁, President, Humanitarian China, United States)
Ilshat Hassan Kokbore (伊利夏提, President, Uyghur American Association, United States)
Ralph Litzinger (Professor, Duke University, United States)
Yutong Su (苏雨桐, Journalist, Germany)
Biao Teng (滕彪, Visiting Scholar, New York University, United States)
Xue Li (李雪, Student, Parsons School of Design, United States)
Yijiang Liu (刘奕江, Graduate of University of Connecticut, United States)
Xin Jin (金鑫, Student, Indiana University Bloomington, United States)
Yeliang Xia (夏业良, Former Professor of Peking University, United States)
Mikael F. Krangggul (Student, Spain)
Ismail Ma (马聚, Commentator, United States)
Kevin Carrico (凯大熊, Lecturer, Monash, University, Australia)
Anquan He (何岸泉, Therapist, United States)
Lebao Wu (吴乐宝, Student, Australian National University, Australia)
Ho Kai Hung (Engineer, Hong Kong)
Stanley Sun (孙得友, Student, Taiwan)
Cecelia Agnes Ling (Animal Care Worker, Malaysia)
Muen Chen (Student, Fordham University, United States)