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      天安门民主运动从1989年4月15日开始到1989年6月4日被镇压为止历时整整50天,自始至终是一个自发的公民和平民主运动,其间北京市秩序井然,参与者百万以上,是北京市历史上秩序最好的五十天,小偷罢偷。  这是举世公认的事实。也得到世界各国人民的认同。 川普对天安门民主运动是骚乱的描述没有任何事实根据,是对所有几百万人五十天行为的污蔑和诋毁,是对六四死难者及其家属的亵渎,也是对公义的藐视。 在过去的二十六年里,中国政府已经不敢再用骚乱来描述天安门民主运动,现在川普这样说,说明他和共产党内的极端势力是心灵相通的。

       中国政府用坦克和正规军镇压手无寸铁的北京市民和学生是与全北京人和全中国人民为敌,乃是恶政之极端, 绝对灭绝良知、灭绝廉耻的行为。川普对其力量表示赞扬,说明川普此人只认强权无视公义,而且他在1990年就有类似立场,说明此人历来如此。


       全美学自联呼吁,所有有良知的中国人和其他各国人民和全美学自联一起,支持北京六四死难者难属群体的 “调查真相,惩罚凶手,抚恤家属” 三项正义正当要求。为最终公正解决六四问题作出共同的奋斗。



The Announcement of The Independent Federation of Chinese Students and Scholars in USA (IFCSS) in condemnation of  Donald Trump's Smear on Tiananmen Democratic Movement

March 12, 2016

The Independent Federation of Chinese Students and Scholars (IFCSS) has studied the text of Mr. Donald Trump's remarks at the 12th Republican Presidential Debate at University of Miami in the evening of March 10.  IFCSS has noticed that Donald Trump regarded the Tiananmen Square student democratic movement in 1989 as "riot" and the Chinese government showed "strength" to "put down the riot".  Under this context, IFCSS is now making the following formal statements.

IFCSS is outraged by Donald Trump's remarks and condemns Donald Trump for his smear of the Student Democratic Movement in Tiananmen Square in 1989.

IFCSS also condemns Donald Trump's attitude of a true snob, who recognizes power and  power only, with sheer disregard for justice, and who cares only about the winners without regard for justice for all.

The Tiananmen Student Democratic Movement lasted from April 15, 1989 to June 4, 1989 ended with the massacre by the Chinese Communists. It was participated by millions of Chinese citizens, old and young.  During the whole course of 50 days, the Student Movement was spontaneous, democratic and peaceful.  The social order of Beijing was peaceful and even the thieves volunteered to stop their regular actions.  The social order of the municipality was in an unprecedented good shape. This was well known fact and the only the communist government at that time smeared the movement as riot.

Donald Trump's remark on the student movement as "riot" had no base in live, therefore his remarks was direct defamation of a movement and a sheer slander of the decent conduct of millions of Chinese citizens during 50 days.  His remarks also adds insult to the injury experienced by the victim families of the June 4 massacre who lost their loved ones.  Above all, Donald Trump's remarks reflects his fundamental contempt on the concept of justice.

In the past 26 years, even the Chinese Communists have retreated from describing the Tiananmen Square Movement as "riot" and have tried to use words less and less shameless to describe that historical event.  The fact that Donald Trump picks this description up so casually indicates that he is genuinely connected to the Chinese communists' hardliners in heart.

Chinese government used tanks and regular army to suppress the Tiananmen Square movement killing hundreds if not thousands of innocent citizens who were unarmed.  This sets the Chinese communists as the enemy of the Beijing people and Chinese people.  This style of governance was of the worst kind in history, reflecting Chinese communists total disregard for human lives or their total disregard for decency in any type or form in any civilization.  Donald Trump's praise of their "strength" was further reflection of his core value as a pure snob, who has contempt on the losers and deals only with the winners. We observe that Donald Trump has held this view since 1990.  Therefore he has been a consistent snob.

IFCSS condemns such a stand and call on all people with conscience not to join with Donald Trump.

IFCSS calls on all the people with conscience to join IFCSS in support of the Beijing Tiananmen Square victim families in their just three demands of thorough investigation of 1989 massacre, of punishing the butchers, and to make compensation to the victim families.  With all the forces for justice we are trying to help attain that goal.

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