Thursday, May 19, 2016




Statement on winners of 2016 IFCSS Spirit of Freedom Award
On May 15, 2016, IFCSS Council voted that winners of Spirit of Freedom Award of year 2016 are Mr. Zhang Haitao and Mr.Guo Feixiong ( Yang Maodong ), and each one would receive $1000 as reward.

Today ( May 19 ) , IFCSS learns that Mr. Guo Feixiong has launched an indefinite hunger strike in Guangdong Yangchun prison for 10 days . To this end , IFCSS decides to announce Spirit of Freedom Award Winner ahead of award Ceremony which would be held on June 4 as usual in front of  China Embassy in Washinton, DC.

To demonstrate solidarity with award winners Zhang Haitao and Guo Feixiong, IFCSS requests the communist China government to immediately release all political prisoners, including innocent Guo Feixiong and Zhang Haitao.

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