Thursday, November 9, 2017

IFCSS Statement on the death of Mr. Yang Tianshui

The Independent Federation of Chinese Students and Scholars in the USA (IFCSS) has learnt that Mr. Yang Tongyan (pen name “Yang Tianshui”) had passed away before November 7, 2017 at an unidentified place in Jiangsu, China.

Yang Tianshui was awarded 2006 IFCSS Freedom Spirit Award together with “the Three Gentlemen of Tiananmen” who are Yu Zhijian, Yu Dongyue and Lu Decheng.  Mr. Yang Tianshui died in detention of the Chinese communist Party just one month ahead fully serving his second political sentence of 12 years.  Before his death Mr. Yang Tianshui was denied persistent pleas from his family members for medical treatment outside the jail.

Yang Tianshui is the third IFCSS Freedom Spirit Award winner who died this year, following Yu Zhijian (2006’ winner, who died at Indianapolis, IN on March 30, 2017) and Dr. Xiaobo LIU (2009’ winner, who died in detention at Shenyang, China on July 13, 2017).

IFCSS pays special tribute to Mr. Yang Tianshui's dedication to the freedom of China and his sacrifice for China's democratic cause.   IFCSS condemns the Chinese communists for illegally sentencing Yang Tianshui and murdering him in jail.       

IFCSS mourns for the death of Mr. Yang Tianshui and pays condolence to Yang Tianshui's relative for the loss of their love one.

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